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I created this statement to demonstrate my commitment to your privacy.  Questions regarding this statement should be directed to

When you make contact through this website, I ask you to provide information about your legal problem.  I also request that you provide your name, telephone, and email address.  The information you provide is held in the strictest confidence and will be reviewed for purposes of responding to your inquiry.

It is my policy to respect the privacy of my website visitors. Under no circumstances will I disclose information provided by you to any individual, advertiser, vendor, or any other entity without your express, prior, written consent.

If you send correspondence to me, such as emails or letters, I may collect such information into a file specific to you.  Your property is always available for pickup by appointment at your discretion.

I take internal precautions to protect your information  via website, your information is sent throughout the Internet by unencrypted email, so the transmission of sensitive, confidential, or privileged information through this website is discouraged.

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